1 turkey (6kg)

700gr mincemeat (pork, veal or lamb)

50gr butter

200 ml. chicken broth

1 large onion

1 cup white wine or brandy

0,5kg of boiled chestnuts skinned

50gr raisins

50gr of walnuts

2 green apples

50 gr of pine nuts

400gr of rice

1 orange zest

Salt, pepper, fresh thyme


Take a large pot and start to saute in butter chopped onion and minced meat over high heat for a few minutes until golden brown. Pour wine or brandy. Then add the rice, chestnuts, raisins, pine nuts, walnuts, orange zest, apples, spices and simmer all together. When the filling is ready, let it cool down and begin to fill the turkey. The turkey should be free of the neck and the ends of its wings. Preparing turkey based on the removal of fat from the abdomen. Brush the outside and inside the turkey with a mixture of butter, the spices and orange zest.
Then fill the turkey’s belly with the filling  with a spoon. Tie the turkey properly to avoid losing juices during cooking. Place the turkey in a baking pan and begin to cook for 45 minutes  until golden brown, at 220 ºC. Then reduce heat to 150 ºC and cover the turkey with foil. Continue baking it for about 3 hours. At the end of cooking remove the foil to get the turkey golden brown color.
When the turkey is ready  leave it for a little bit out of the oven and then serve!

Bon Appetit!

Christmas Turkey1




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