Menu for Lent — Greek Been Soup



1/2 kg. white beans

1 teaspoon salt

2  branch of celery

3 carrots

1 large onion

5 cloves of garlic finely chopped

2-3 tbsp olive oil

1 tbsp tomato paste

3 bay leaves

2 sprigs of thyme

1 cube vegetable broth Knorr

One red apple

2 liters of water


Put the beans in a bowl and fill with water so that the bean was completely covered with water. Add 1 teaspoon of salt, stir gently and set aside for 8 — 12 hours.

Then remove the liquid and thoroughly rinse the beans with cold water.

Cut the celery, carrots and onions in large pieces.

Put the pan on a moderate fire, pour the olive oil and place the vegetables. Fry the vegetables for 15′ — 20′, stirring occasionally and being careful to not burnt. When the liquid evaporate and the vegetables become soft, add tomato paste and fry for a further 1′ stirring again.

Then add the beans, bay leaf, thyme, vegetable cube Knorr and whole apple to make the soup more viscous with a special elusive flavor.

Pour water, cover the pan with a lid and cook the soup to simmer -1 — 1 ½ hours. If necessary, add hot water.

Ten minutes before the soup is ready, add salt and pepper.

Then remove the soup from the heat and remove and throw away the apple.

Serve the soup with olives, thyme, pepper and pour a little olive oil into each plate.

Bon Appetit!




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