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Christmas Salad

CHRISTMAS  SALAD Ingredients: 4 boiled potatoes 1 boiled chicken fillet 4 boiled eggs 3 cooked beets 4 tbsp. mayonnaise 1/2 bunch parsley 4 tbsp. olive oil 2 green onions chopped 1 clove garlic chopped Cheese grated plus small piece of cheese for decoration Salt, pepper Pomegranate Seeds Red bell pepper Directions: Prepare separately 4 mini […]

Stuffed Pancakes with Two Sauces

STUFFED  PANCAKES  WITH  TWO  SAUCES Ingredients for pancakes: 2 eggs at room temperature 1 cup flour 1 pinch of sugar 1/4 tea spoon of salt 1 — 1/4 cup fresh milk 2 tbsp butter melted and cold Ingredients for stuffing: 3 slices of bacon 3 tbsp of olive oil 1 onion cut into slices 300 […]

Spaghetti with Creamy Sauce and Lemon

SPAGHETTI  WITH  CREAMY  SAUCE  AND  LEMON Ingredients: 500g spaghetti 200 гр cottage cheese 200 g yoghurt 2% fat Zest of 1 lemon 1 tablespoon lemon juice 2 tablespoons olive oil 5-6 mint leaves finely chopped Salt, pepper Directions: Cook the pasta in plenty of salted water until tender. Mix well cottage cheese and yoghurt. Add zest […]

Fried Cheese in Beer Batter

FRIED  CHEESE  IN  BEER  BATTER Ingredients: 4 thick slices of cheese saganaki (Talagani, gruyere, Kefalotyri, formaela, halloumi) 1/2 can of beer Flour Pepper Oil for frying Directions: Mix the beer, pepper and flour as much as needed  to get a thick porridge in a bowl. Dip the cheese slices in the batter and place them […]

Pies from Kourou Dough

PIES FROM KOUROU DOUGH Ingredients: For the dough: 500g self raising flour 450 g yoghurt 8 tablespoons butter or margarine, melted 1.5 teaspoons of salt 1 egg yolk For the filling: 600g anthotiro cheese 140g feta cheese 200g  yellow cheese grated Some sausages, finely chopped 10g semolina Directions: Mix the flour and salt in a bowl.  Add […]

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