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Fried Cheese in Beer Batter

FRIED  CHEESE  IN  BEER  BATTER Ingredients: 4 thick slices of cheese saganaki (Talagani, gruyere, Kefalotyri, formaela, halloumi) 1/2 can of beer Flour Pepper Oil for frying Directions: Mix the beer, pepper and flour as much as needed  to get a thick porridge in a bowl. Dip the cheese slices in the batter and place them […]

Fried Potatoes

FRIED  POTATOES Ingredients: 1-1,5kg potatoes Sunflower oil 1 cup of flour (or corn flour) Salt, pepper Oregano, sweet paprika Directions: Wash well and peel the potatoes, cut lengthwise into slices,  put in a bowl with cold water. Then drain the water from the bowl and pour in  very cold water from the fridge. Сut the potatoes […]

Fried Fish with Mayonnaise

FRIED FISH WITH MAYONNAISE Ingredients: 1kg white fish fillet (perch, Hake) 1 cup mayonnaise Olive oil Grated lemon rind Salt, pepper Breadcrumbs Directions: Wash the fish fillets. Dry them with paper towel, season with salt and pepper, cut into pieces. Mix mayonnaise, 3 tablespoons of olive oil and grated lemon rind in a bowl. Then […]

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