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Rice with Sauteed Vegetables

RICE  WITH  SAUTEED  VEGETABLES Ingredients: 1 red pepper cut into slices 1 yellow pepper cut into slices 1 pumpkin cut into thin slices 1 eggplant sliced squares 1 clove garlic, finely chopped 2 tablespoons olive oil 2-3 sticks of thyme 1 sprig rosemary 2 tablespoons butter 1 onion cut into slices 2 cups  Carolina rice 1/2 […]


GREEK CHRISTMAS TURKEY Ingredients: 1 turkey (6kg) 700gr mincemeat (pork, veal or lamb) 50gr butter 200 ml. chicken broth 1 large onion 1 cup white wine or brandy 0,5kg of boiled chestnuts skinned 50gr raisins 50gr of walnuts 2 green apples 50 gr of pine nuts 400gr of rice 1 orange zest Salt, pepper, fresh thyme […]

Rice with Shrimp

RICE WITH SHRIMP Ingredients: 1 kg shrimp in shell 4 tablespoons olive oil 1 onion finely chopped 1 clove of garlic finely chopped Grated peel of one lemon 2 cups rice 4 tablespoons dill finely chopped Salt,pepper Directions: Wash shrimp well, remove their heads, shell, intestines and put  in  refrigerator. Cook shell in five cups […]

Stuffed Peppers with Rice Salad

STUFFED PEPPERS WITH RICE SALAD Ingredients: 2 cups cooked rice 1 carrot diced 1 cup cooked green peas 1 cup blanched corn 1/2 bunch of parsley, finely chopped 1/3 cup olive oil 5 multi-colored peppers cut in half along Directions: Put the cooked rice in a bowl. Add carrots, corn, peas, parsley, salt, pepper. Pour […]

Spinach with Rice — Spanakorizo

SPINACH WITH RICE — SPANAKORIZO Ingredients: 1kg of spinach 1/2 cup of rice 4-5 bulblets, finely chopped 1 bunch dill, finely chopped 3/4 cup olive oil Juice of 1-2 lemons Salt, pepper Directions: Clean, wash and parboil spinach. Then wring it well and chop. Heat olive oil in a saucepan, add onion and fry it […]

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